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Wilde Vertigga

Tel Aviv

Wilde Vertigga

Rather naked than straight

"Wilde Vertigga is a contemporary, asymmetrical fashion line inspired by Oscar Wilde’s non-conformist way of thinking. They are pushing the boundaries of orthodox design methods, creativity, and imagination. Each of their pieces encourages a new way of thinking about clothes and an unparalleled path to self expression. They believe that “beauty is always organic and comes from within.” They find beauty in the perfectly imperfect and encourage others to do so as well. Beyond that, Wilde Vertigga pulls inspiration from Japanese minimalist design known as Wabi-Sabi, which focuses on the importance of lines, form, space, light and materials. Wilde Vertigga’s ethos is to translate these elements into garments that are harmoniously elegant and thought provoking, exploring new ways of using materials, colors, and shapes. Their aim is to use innovative textiles and production technologies that push boundaries and encourage points of intersection between the senses."

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