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Segara Swim


Segara Swim

For women who can’t stay still

Segara Swim is a line of refined swim essentials that embrace a woman's natural beauty. It was on one of their adventures around the world that they fell in love with the Indonesian island of Bali. The natural beauty and warm hearts of the Balinese people inspired the brand to name their line Segara, which means 'ocean' in Indonesian. Segara's approach to style is that less is more. With a minimalist aesthetic, they design their pieces to be versatile and wearable, in and out of the water. They celebrate the beauty of different body types with clean lines, seamless finishes, and subtle design elements. They made a conscious decision to produce in Los Angeles. In doing so, they support the local community, reduce their carbon footprint, and stay close to their factories. The goal of Segara is to create swimwear so comfortable and effortless that you'll want to wear it all day. We hope that Segara helps you embrace your body and what makes you unique.

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