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"KIND Bars are made from whole nuts, fruits, spices, and honey. They are a delicious way of getting your body essential nutrients like fiber, protein and antioxidants with sometimes as little as 4 grams sugar. Available in an incredibly wide selection of flavors, even the most fickle snackers will find a few favorites in the bunch. KIND Healthy Grains Clusters are a combination of delicious whole grains like amaranth and quinoa and superfoods like blueberries and chia. Baked to perfection they are perfect to eat over yogurt, with milk, or right out of the pouch. KIND Healthy Grains Bars are chewy-with-a-crunch, giving you a great on-the-go snack. Each bar is gluten free and packs more than one full serving of whole grains (think amaranth, millet, and quinoa), which provides fiber and protein. STRONG & KIND Bars are a bold, savory snack made from simple ingredients like whole almonds, seeds, and pea crisps. Bonus: they also pack a whopping 10g of protein to keep you going."

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