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Playclothes made better

"Jackalo™ was founded by mother, maker and long-time environmentalist Marianna Sachse. The product is meticulously constructed, designed for durability and produced by skilled crafts people. The goods used to produce the garments are sustainably sourced, made from organically grown cotton and processed using renewable energy. The organic cotton is farmed under the most stringent certification possible—it is both GOTS and IVN BEST certified. Also, from farm to factory, the workers behind Jackalo™ are treated fairly. The cotton farming and fabric production are fair trade certified with the Fair for Life standard from the Swiss Institute for Marketecology (IMO). In addition to the amazing standards that Jackalo™ adheres to, they also stand behind their product. They offer repairs on items for 6 months from purchase and offer a trade up program which keeps quality clothes out of the waste stream and helps in making affordable options available to more families. Jackalo™...playclothes made better."

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