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Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

Endangered Species Youth Art Contest Winners

The Endangered Species Coalition uses grassroots mobilization, education, and targeted campaigns to enable every American to participate in actions that help strengthen protection for some of the most at-risk animal species in North America. Together with their national network of over 150,000 individual activists and supporters – Endangered Species Coalition is a force for good, dedicated to protecting our nation’s disappearing wildlife and last remaining wild places.


One of the organization’s most inspiring campaigns is the Annual Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest. Created by children in grades K-12, these works of art beautifully depict endangered and recovered species of animals, insects, and plants that live or migrate through the United States. Since 2018, ziggie has been honored to sell Giclee prints, cards and other giftable items featuring the winning artwork to support the Endangered Species Coalition.

Find the perfect gift featuring this year’s winning artwork here.

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Stock Up and Save on Specialty Foods

There are so many healthy and good for the planet foods and brands to choose from, and ziggie is offering stock up options and special pricing on everything from cases of line and pole caught Italian style tuna to KIND bars and Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal.

Save yourself a shopping trip, money and shipping costs by stocking up today.  Shop here.

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Women's Prison Association believes in human potential

I learned everything I know about the problem of incarceration in the US from my friend, Piper Kerman, author of the memoir Orange is the New Black and the inspiration behind the hit Netflix show of the same title. Piper is an advocate for women and men who are or have been incarcerated, and she educates people by sharing her own experience in prison at the Federal Correctional Institute in Danbury, Connecticut—an act of bravery, in my opinion, given the stigma attached to being an “ex-con.”

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Brand Spotlight: Handmade Leather Shoes & Bags

When you hear the word “Leather”, there’s a good chance that Italy comes to mind. What if we told you one of the leather capitals of the world is actually in North America. Located in the center of Mexico, just a little northeast of Mexico city, sits Leon, Guanajuato. Nestled between vast mountain ranges at 6,000+ feet above sea level, stands a city that is as tough and malleable as the leather it produces.

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"Revelation" monument is a testament to the powerful words of Martin Luther King Jr.

The second largest memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. in the United States was built in San Francisco in 1993 and is called “Revelation.” This moving tribute to one of the most important people in American history sits in Yerba Buena Gardens behind a 50’ x 20’ foot waterfall that creates a sonic experience meant to block out the sounds of the world outside and induce reflection.
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