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Los Angeles


Handcrafted Local|Giving Local

"COMUNITYmade shoes are handcrafted in DTLA by highly skilled craftspeople who have perfected the art of shoemaking. They believe in fair business practices and fair wages for everyone involved. By producing locally, they have the opportunity to help support commerce in their community, allowing their workers to build a sense of ownership and pride. By giving locally, they are able to connect others and inspire action, participation and empowerment of others to build a stronger community. COMUNITYmade is committed to making the most sustainable and responsible decisions in developing and manufacturing. Their goal is to utilize the local materials and construction methods available to them. They are also driven by their consciences, many of our materials may come from overseas, not because it’s less expensive but because the best shoemaking materials are very hard to come by in the USA. They believe it is important to be transparent during this journey and live by their moto choose well and make them last."

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