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Without water, there is no life on earth. Clean Water Action has lead the fight to protect our environment & waterways for over 45 years. They championed the passing of the Clean Water Act; the first major legislation regulating pollutant discharges into waters across the United States.

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The most fundamental component of a community’s health is the quality of its drinking water. Since 1972, Clean Water Action has brought people together across the country to fight and protect this very fact. For families in California to Michigan to Florida, Clean Water Action is working right here at home. They have grown to over a million members actively influencing our government and legislation to protect us all.

Drinking water is only one part of the equation and work for Clean Water Action. They are actively involved in getting toxins out of everyday products; building a future of clean water and clean energy; keeping our clean water laws strong and effective; and protecting our water from dirty energy threats - drilling & fracking for oil and gas, and power plant pollution.

Every person in America (and worldwide) is effected by clean water. The staff of Clean Water Action is committed to bringing the power of each individual voice together as one to ensure that our water and waterways are safe.

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