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Clean Water Action

Clean Water Action

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We all live downstream. Clean Water Action protects water and health, from watershed to watertap, with local, state and national programs that reach and involve more than 1,000,000 households each year. Goals include fishable, swimmable and drinkable water – for everyone.

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Clean Water Action’s mission is to protect our environment, health, economic well-being and community quality of life. Clean Water Action organizes strong grassroots groups and coalitions, and campaigns to elect environmental candidates and to solve environmental and community problems.

We support the goal of fishable, swimmable, drinkable water for everyone.
Clean Water Action’s members, staff and volunteers work together to build our clean water movement and make a real difference for people’s water and health, through outreach, education, organizing, advocacy and policy action at the local, state and national levels:
  • Protecting drinking water and cleaning up polluted waterways;
  • Preventing waste and pollution and getting health-harming toxics out of everyday products;
  • Building a future of clean water and clean energy, with climate solutions that create jobs and protect water;
  • Keeping our clean water laws strong and effective to protect water and health.
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