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DL 1961

Better by DL.

Premium high-performance denim. Made sustainably for a perfect fit.

St. Roche

London edge meets Laurel Canyon free-spirit in feminine statement pieces

New school femininity and modern edge with artisanal hand-crafted detailing, traditional embroidery techniques and original textile design.


California meets India.

Venice Beach silhouettes meet Indian artwork in this family-owned women's contemporary collection. A line that celebrates the convergence of East and West, material and spiritual, ancient and young. A brand for the modern bohemian.


Timeless Fashion Pieces

MICHELLE by Comune was developed from the idea that living the dream should always be a priority and to provide those individuals inspirational designs that reflects the carefree attitude and lifestyle of those who choose to follow their own path and create their own destiny.

Lennon + Wolfe

A collection of influence.

Lennon + Wolfe takes its inspiration from art and music. The brand offers beautiful and stylish clothing that is soft and edgy at the same time. The designs are carefree, comfortable and made with love in Los Angeles.


Easy, Modern Resortwear

"MIRTH ethically creates modern caftans and easy resortwear. With a modern take on traditional handlooom weaving and abstract block printing, their mission is to help sustain and celebrate craft and provide opportunity and ethical employment to artisans in developing countries. With MIRTH, we invite you to live a slow life. Life without an agenda."

By Sarah Ann


When her closet of coats and scarves began cramping designer Sarah Ann's style she set out to create something unique. Sarah Ann's shrugs are hand knit in Peru by women who are receiving a fair wage for their time and skill. The fiber used comes from farmers that are educated on best practices for shearing alpacas in the most humane way. These styles are designed for you and are made with LOVE in a country that cares.


Refined everyday essentials.

Furo's mission is to provide quality and timeless pieces that are made with intention and consciousness.

YEAR 901

Modern & Minimal Jewelry

YEAR 901 believes in well-made, reasonably priced items that add something special to every outfit. They use traditional metalsmithing techniques including wire wrapping, hand forging and lost wax casting.

Coin 1804

Casual. Comfortable. Cozy.

A balance of cozy, casual knit tops & sweaters, Coin 1804 has elevated basics and essentials for the modern woman. They pay homage to their DTLA (Downtown LA) roots with multi-functional design aesthetics that strike a balance between luxe and casual.


This is sustainable denim

Triarchy's mission is a simple conserve our planet’s most important resource by reducing the massive water consumption of our planet's most beloved piece of clothing, jeans.

Laura Siegel

Pioneering a new luxury.

Laura Siegel designs relaxed, effortless pieces for the globally conscious woman. Their team employs artisans from rural villages all over the world to sustain culture through craft.


Inspired by Denim

The heritage of DENIM and its iconic legacy inspired New York based AMPERSAND HEART to create a collection that celebrates denim lifestyle while expanding it's fashion boundaries. Influenced by folk and workwear, the Collection explores the intersection between jeans culture and high fashion.


Luxury clothing with a mission.

ARZÉ uses elements from modern and ancient culture to express ideas and designs, in addition the brand reaches towards deeper inspiration that is socially and environmentally conscious.

Rune NYC

Clothing for every-BODY.

Women today are examples of where strong meets soft. Beauty derived from confidence. Celebrating the diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds of each other.

a.n. designs

Fresh and fun

a.n. designs is a small batch denim line based in Orange County, California where the sun shines bright and the beach is their favorite spot.

Catherine Gee

Timeless yet contemporary

Catherine Gee embodies a timeless yet contemporary collection of strong pieces with elegant, modern lines. The brand seeks to provide an edit of refined yet functional wares. The accent is on individual ready-to-wear pieces that can be easily combined in different ways for a style that is always accessible.

Nico Nico

Stylish, ethical, playful.

Sustainable, ahead of trend women’s and kid’s clothing designed by a young mother in Los Angeles.


The original hemp t-shirt

One part hemp, one part organic cotton, and two parts cozy. This is what we found in Jungmaven's original hemp t-shirt.

The Lady & The Sailor

Feminine American staples

Brittany Correy, designer of The Lady And The Sailor, creates feminine, uncomplicated must haves that are both darling and comfortable.


Handcrafted Local|Giving Local

"COMUNITY makes premium shoes, handcrafted locally that gives back locally, fueling their mission of supporting arts, education, and ending homelessness. They believe in supporting the local economy and bringing back the lost art of footwear manufacturing to the city of Los Angeles."


Tradition that creates change

Wearable art that dates back centuries. Darzah means "stitch" in Arabic. Darzah is a non-profit, ethical fashion brand specializing in Palestinian "tatreez" embroidery, a centuries-old art form, traditionally passed down from mother to daughter. Each of their pieces are hand-embroidered and 100% handcrafted in the West Bank. Their mission is twofold -- to create economic opportunities for refugee and low-income women artisans, and to celebrate tatreez embroidery and Palestinian cultural heritage.


2120 Handcrafted Footwear. Designed in Los Angeles. Handmade in Leon, Mexico.

2120’s collection is a throwback to generations past. It reflects the age-old American value of quality construction that was demanded by a post-Industrial Revolution east coast culture. While this serves as the historical root of inspiration for the brand, the collection offers a contemporary interpretation of some of the most classic silhouettes.

Heather Benjamin

Explore. Experience. Adorn.

Heather Benjamin jewelry designs are inspired by rituals, symbols and stories found in diverse cultures around the globe. Hand made by master artisans in Bali, this collection honors craftsmanship, natural beauty and sustainable production.


Exploring the idea of a simple statement piece.

Rhyden is a concept meant to explore the idea of a simple statement piece. All Rhyden items are proudly handcrafted in DTLA, CA with precious metals, and conflict-free ethically sourced diamonds.

Salty Cali

Handcrafted Jewelry

Salty Cali is a fashion lifestyle brand inspired by the California dream. Each piece is handcrafted and designed in San Diego and made of unique natural stones, shells, and colorful crystals.

BRAVE Leather

Art inspired by its process

For 25 years, BRAVE Leather's collection has been driven by the beauty of the world’s most exclusive leathers alongside an artisan’s commitment to fine detail. Surrounded by the tools of the leather goods trade in his Canadian-based factories, designer Scott Irvine discovers his vision through his materials, his machinery and the rare craftspeople who bring his collection to life.

bixi awotan

What does your heart say?

Bixi Awotan is a merger of mexican handcrafts and exclusive designs, carefully crafted to create unique, bohemian and timeless styles.


Delightful Everyday Goods

MAIKA started with a craving for a better bag. Every MAIKA bag combines simple, functional design with perfect everyday details. All the patterns are original artwork from the studio. Every single pattern or print you see in the line is hand-painted or illustrated in-house in Emeryville, California. From sketch to stitch, they create each piece with love and delight.


Minimal + functional

Each clau artifact is designed and hand-crafted from cutting to stitching, creating a unique personality. Nature of leather + handmade process makes each one of a kind.

Venture Leather Co.

Investing To A Better Future

Venture Leather Co. is the first company to ever choose a business model where 100% of the profit is invested back where their products are made. Venture extends the job creation beyond the products it makes by creating a venture capital fund for small businesses in Uganda. Ugandans don't want to be helped, they want the dignity of a job.

Motif No.3

Art you walk with.

Motif No.3, is a family run fashion company that creates beautiful leather art-inspired bags for a rising creative culture.


Looking good in giving back!

Fashion Meets Compassion: Creating Wardrobes That Pave The Way To A Brighter Future

Shai Shanti

Reflection Of Beauty

SHAI SHANTI is an evolving collaboration with global artisans aimed at creating luxurious, designer wearable art. The diversity and expression of their designs are a direct reflection of the beauty that is found in nature and humanity.

Alex Crane

Modern clothing, modern people

When a suit is too much and a plain button down won't cut it, Alex Crane fills the gap with modern clothes for people with multi-faceted lives.

Skid Row Denim

We are the solution

Skid Row Denim & Apparel is a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to bringing awareness and resources to Workforce Development Programs designed to support formerly homeless individuals that want to contribute back to society.

Denim & Spirits

It's not just a pair of jeans and a shirt, it's a way of life.

Denim & Spirits is what happens when two friends, Sarah Mallory & Eric Davis, make superior denim ethical, affordable, and in the great state of Tennessee.

Pocket Square Clothing

A Gentleman's Clothing Company

Pocket Square Clothing is a men's clothing company that designs and produces suiting accessories in Downtown Los Angeles. They feature a dapper collection of Ties, Pocket Squares, and Bow Ties fabricated from beautiful surplus textiles. PSC is focused on limiting textile waste, creating timeless product and creating a community of well-dressed gentlemen.

Rogue Collective

Utilitarian Style at it's Cleanest

The Rogue Collective’s private label is a collection of pieces that have an authoritative role to not only your wardrobe, but your lifestyle. Developed to be the truest form of your core style.

Turtledove London

Monochrome outfitting

Designed to be worn by both boys and girls, each season Turtledove London will add one colour pop to compliment monochrome outfitting.

Little Green Radicals

Always Fairtrade & Organic

Little Green Radicals started life in London in 2005. The brand makes bright, fun clothing for free range kids. They have always been organic & Fairtrade and they do their utmost to respect the many amazing people that make the clothes and the planet.

zeki learning

Handmade with love

Zeki Learning is a part of a non-profit social enterprise called Child's Cup Full, based in the United States and the West Bank. Their mission is to create high quality learning materials for preschool age children that support cognitive development and language learning. At their artisan center in the West Bank, they train and employ refugee and low-income mothers to make beautifully handcrafted educational products.


Living the Eternal Summer

Chic and casual, contemporary and indulgent. Beachgold's soft flowing hand printed voiles, crepes and locally spun fabrics form the basis for all of their collections.

Segara Swim

For women who can’t stay still

Segara Swim is a line of refined swim essentials that embrace a woman's natural beauty. Produced responsibly in Los Angeles using premium Italian fabrics, Segara Swim celebrates the beauty of different body types with clean lines, seamless finishes, and subtle design elements.


Swimwear made from ocean waste

Galamaar is timeless swimwear for the contemporary woman. Made from environmentally sound fabrics and proudly produced in Los Angeles, CA.

House of Hiatus

Journey of relaxation+freedom

Hiatus is a non-gendered collection of robes and accessories that are hand sewn in Los Angeles from the finest natural fabrics that are versatile and effortless to maintain. Slip it on after a long workday or next getaway. How do you Hiatus?


Beyond Organic. Beyond Perfume

Aromatherapy Perfume designed to breathe in to shift your mood. Set your intention. Transform your life.


Fashion Is Head To Toe

A boutique cosmetics brand that brings both fashion and beauty together. Paraben-Free. Toxin-Free. Cruelty-Free. USA Made.

Olive + M

Olive Oil-Based Skincare

"Olive + M harnesses the power of Mother Nature to create all-natural olive oil skincare for every skin type and every age. They only use ingredients that have felt the sun and the soil. Olive oil's molecular makeup mimics that of your skin's natural sebum, which allows it to nourish and heal at a deeper level. Olive Oil Based, Domestically Sourced, Ethical. Always."

Essential Apothecary Alchemist

Transform, Balance, Restore.

ESSENTIAL APOTHECARY ALCHEMIST is a revival of the transcendental art of alchemy, an ancient practice of transmuting a common substance to one of greater value, with roots in the desire to obtain and manifest the elixir of life. Focusing on the use of pure essential oils, they use only the highest quality organic ingredients blended together to create simple yet transformative products all Made in the USA.


Love yourself every day

Shea Brand does their part to help mediate and strengthen a positive connection between our skin, our bodies, our cities, our planet and the natural world. They use minimal-plastic, 100% recyclable packaging and mailers, and manufacture everything in small batches in New York City. Their work contributes to the belief that with good design and lots of love and care, the urban world and natural world can live in harmony and thrive together.

Thesis Beauty

Pure, gimmick-free beauty products

At Thesis, you can be sure to find truly pure, vegan and eco-friendly products that work, without breaking the bank. What's the point in creating the purest, greenest product if few people can afford it? Our mission: to make a difference in the health of our customers and our environment through the accessibility of our products.

Patrick Hobbie Art

Ink and Watercolor Animal Art

Patrick Hobbie aims to capture the energy and life in his subjects with loose lines and imaginative colors. The juxtaposition of realistic, detailed features and loose, abstract colors and lines make his style unique and unexpected.


Design, Innovation, Charity

Soma wants their customers to feel good about their water, so they strive to find ways to not only create more sustainable business practices, but to find solutions to the global water crisis. As a certified B-corporation, impact is a critical part of Soma's DNA. They infuse it into everything they do, from product design and supply chain to their company culture and partnerships.


Keep food alive

Abeego picks up where the peel leaves off. The beeswax wrap protects food from air and moisture and lets it breathe just like nature’s lemon peel, onion skin and cheese rind. Keep Food Alive.

U Konserve

Make Waste Free Living Easier

U Konserve is the result of two mothers' struggle to be environmentally conscious as their families grew. The goal was to offer reusable and innovative solutions to change behavior and help the planet. That is the same goal that drives their mission today.


Smart to be Sili

GoSili combines need-based innovation with the technological advantages of silicone, offering an alternative to plastic tableware found in and out of the kitchen by creating products for families that are safe, modern and made entirely out of silicone.

DIY Natural Bedding

All-natural sleep solutions

DIY Natural Bedding is a natural bedding parts supplier, here to provide you with chemical free natural bedding. We source premium materials from sustainable sources, including natural latex from Sri Lanka, wool from local farms, Kapok fiber, shredded natural latex, millet hulls, and GOTS certified organic ticking. We hope you enjoy this more natural way to sleep.