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How much water are you wearing?

How much water are you wearing?

Do you know how much water you are wearing when you put on your favorite pair of denim? It can take up to 2900 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans from start to finish. Think about it, that is equivalent to almost 11,000 1L bottles of water.

It's one thing to believe in sustainability, it's another to produce a sustainable product. The Canadian brand, Triarchy, is on a mission to produce a superior product that is both easy on the eyes and planet. The brand halted their production and re-invented themselves to include technological advancements for a superior product! A large component of Triarchy's reinvention is to educate consumers about the waste and pollution that is created during typical denim manufacturing. This year they received the prestigious Fashion Impact Award at the CAFA, acknowledging the brand for making an impact and being leaders in change.

Triarchy jeans are leading the way by using a recycled water treatment system during the production of their denim which helps save an average of 1400 gallons of water per pair of jeans. This is revolutionary, and it is achieved through a system in which natural bacteria consumes the indigo dye before re-introducing it to the wash process again and again. In addition, the womens denim is made using a tencel cotton blend, this fabrication is processed wood fiber made from the eucalyptus tree. The energy used to grow and manufacture tencel is 100% renewable and uses 85% less water than cotton to grow and process. Triarchy also has a line of Atelier denim, this is a luxury collection made from vintage repurposed denim that uses no water in the manufacturing process.

To date the brand has saved over 1 million gallons of water. With do not have to sacrifice style for sustainability. How much water are you wearing?

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