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Brand Feature: Heather Benjamin

Brand Feature: Heather Benjamin

Meet the founder of this beautiful handcrafted jewelry line, inspired by a deep connection to nature and animals, and fueled by wanderlust.

Heather Goldman has a passion for culture and traveling to every corner of the Earth. Her approach to craft accelerated in Bali where she worked with dozens of craftsmen in silver and gold. It was here that she honored Indonesian, Balinese and Hindu traditions while supporting local craftspeople. Her work in Bali combined spiritual and practical elements to create work that remains “above and beyond the interests of profit”; paying fair wages and supporting after school programs. She loves working with traditional bone carvers, who carve the horns of water buffalo after their natural deaths, adding exceptional details.

She says her family “always supported me in following my dreams”; including supporting anti-poaching efforts in Kenya, Africa. “There is a 30-foot elephant Tusk monument in Mombasa, she said, and to this day that has left an indelible impression on me, symbolizing my love of animals and our responsibilities to care for them. I’ve always felt that we have a primal connection to nature and animals. My desire is to translate our primal connection into a physical and wearable form- to express our fundamental place in and primal connection to the natural world and all its creatures. A talisman reminding us of the power of our connection to our environment and a totem rooting us firmly in the link between surviving/thriving between all creatures of the earth and ourselves.” Inspired by this connection, Goldman has embraced the cause of protecting endangered species. “Endangered species have become a focal point of my concerns, because many of the animals I love are being threatened with extinction; and it’s imperative that we all try to do our part, no matter how small.”

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