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Climate Change

Climate Change

What You Can Do About It

Over seven billion of us inhabit Earth. Humans are so widespread that we are transforming our natural systems at an unprecedented rate.

While much of our evolution is highly successful, we are also wreaking havoc on the Earth through climate change: the warming of the Earth due to human-caused increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, primarily from burning fossil fuels oil, gas and coal. The result is weather extremes that are displacing and killing people. Fires in Australia have, for example, killed both people and an estimated one million animals.

Climate change can at times seem overwhelming. The sheer size and impact of the problem can lead to a feeling of “nothing can be done”. To stay engaged and have a positive impact there is much that you can do, for example:

• Call your local representative and demand that action be taken to address climate change. This will alert politicians that voters care about the issue;

• Address your own carbon footprint, using less gas and oil by taking public transportation, riding a bike to work, driving an electric auto, installing solar power, and purchasing products from manufacturers that use clean energy in their facilities and farms.

• Join an organization that is actively addressing climate change. Some like Greenpeace have been in the forefront for years.

• Participate and support teachers and local schools that are addressing climate change. Educate your children about the problem and what they can do about. Hold teacher appreciation days for teachers that are leading the charge against climate change.

We can all make a positive difference through our everyday actions and make sure to address climate change problems that impact us individually and as a species.