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Hand-loomed by artisans

", connects conscious customers with unique handcrafted Anatolian art. They spent months traveling around the villages and towns of Turkey in order to find the most authentic local artisan families, who run high-quality, eco-friendly and ethical productions. With their traditional looming techniques and's garment and pattern design, they are happy to be able to introduce the world to these unique items. In the age of robots and machines, they are proud to be bringing thousands years old authenticity from the hands of the masters to yours. Turkish towels (or peshtemals) have been used for centuries in hammams, the traditional Turkish baths. They are very absorbent, lightweight and easy to carry, dry quickly and always smell fresh, making them perfect for everyday use. Apart from a great towel, they have many uses as a shawl, pareo, scarf, throw or a blanket. Their compact size and quick drying time make them perfect for the bathroom, the beach, the spa, your yoga or Pilates class, home décor or a picnic. "

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